Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fighting Common Core

What do you think about Common Core?  Glenn Beck will be hosting an event shown in local theaters called We Will Not Conform on Tuesday, July 22 at 8:00.  Just Google it for more info.  He'd like some feedback from folks on all sides of the issue.  So what do you think?  You can take the survey here:

After I completed the survey, I had a little bit more to say.  So I sent the following email to Glenn Beck and Jackie Bodnar at FreedomWorks......

Dear Glenn and Jackie,

My husband and I completed the survey about Common Core for the We Will Not Conform event.  I shared it with my friends on Facebook.  My concern is that I didn't get to express what the real reason is that I am so opposed to Common Core.

I am working to fight Common Core because from top to bottom it is anti-American.  You can see it in its content and implementation.

As to content, Common Core is anti-American in what is required to be learned, how it is to be taught and the suggested curriculum in every subject.   The most recent example is the AP History standards.  From crazy math lessons, to less than exceptional reading materials (government regulations?), to liberal-agenda science lessons, to a rejection of capitalism and faith.   I'm sure there is more.  What is being taught does not present the truth about America, the good and the bad.  What is being taught does not challenge students to develop their God-given talents.  What is being taught does not foster an understanding of the exceptional nature of our country.  It fails to instill a sense of pride and a desire to participate in this great nation.  

As to implementation, the entire process is forcing this goal of "higher standards" down the throats of parents without their input.  The goal appears to be to stop parental involvement in education.  The Federal Government, not father, knows best. The collection of data on children and their families is right out of Orwell's 1984 (which I understand is no longer allowed to be read).  Under Common Core, students will be tracked and pushed into career and life paths in a socialist/European model. The implementation will give the federal government total control over what our children learn, where they work, and how they live.  That is simply wrong and antithetical to America's founding principles.  

If implemented, Common Core will continue the progressive path America is on and cement its domination within a generation.  We cannot let it stand.  It must be stopped NOW.

My objection isn't to nationwide standards. I think parents, employers, colleges and children themselves should be confident that students at each level should have the same basic skills.  I find nothing wrong with testing as a method of measuring achievement of those standards.   I think the test scores should be a factor in evaluating teachers.  All these are side issues.  

The issue for me is what the standards are, not that there are standards.  Common Core not only lowers the bar, it changes the game.  

At its core, Common Core, facilities the erosion of American principles of liberty and free markets.  That is why it must be stopped.

Thanks for listening.

Rev. Susan Clouse
Bradenton, Florida

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