Saturday, September 24, 2016

Making America Good Again: United by the Rule of Law

Making America Good Again involves uniting behind the idea of human equality and behind the idea that people should be governed by laws, not men. 

Laws in America are shaped by a few, very important, principles.

First, the primary purpose of government is to protect our God-given equality and freedoms.  Every law that is passed at every level of government should be evaluated on how it impacts this fact.

Second, all law is to be created by the "consent of the governed."   That is you.  America's citizens are ultimately responsible for every law that we live under.

Third, all law must be in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. 

We are a republic, not a democracy.  Democracies are little more than majority "mob" rule. In a republic, the rights of minorities are protected through an amazing multi-level representative system of government. 

Our founders understood the desire for power inherent in human nature.  That is why in the United States political power is shared so that not too much resides in the hands of any one person or group.   

Our government's power starts with the consent of the people who reside in one of America's 50 states.  Each state is an independent entity with all the powers of a sovereign nation.  The Constitution is the sacred agreement between the states that delegates certain state powers to the federal government.  For example, the states, through to the Constitution, give the federal government the power to mint money in order to facilitate trade and the power to "provide for the common defence" from foreign powers.   All other power remains with the states and the people.

The limited powers given to the federal government are further divided between the branches of government.  Briefly, within those limited powers,  Congress was given the power to write laws, the President the power to enforce federal law, and the Supreme Court the responsibility to interpret those laws.  Everybody gets a share of the power-pie, but not all of it.  Ingenious!

Some might try to tell you that the Constitution is out-of-date, but that is simply not so.  It can be amended!  That is how America fully realized the promises of equality laid out in the Declaration.  It is through amendments that slavery was abolished, former slaves were given citizenship,  and the right to vote was gradually expanded to all men and women over the age of 18.  The Constitution works. 

You might never know any of that by watching the news.  All we see is each branch of government assuming powers they don't have and abdicating the ones they do! 

To make America good again we need to get behind the Constitution and only elect people who will preserve, protect and defend it  - and then hold them accountable to do their jobs.  This is the only way, short of open rebellion, to control their power and protect our freedom.  

If we don't....

-----Your local government will continue to give away control over local matters.  Think of the impact of the state and federal departments of education on your local schools.

-----States will continue to allow the federal government to usurp power rightfully theirs.   For example, the Supreme Court recently redefined marriage which is not within the power of the federal government. 

-----The House of Representatives will continue to abdicate its responsibility to control government spending. 

-----The Senate will continue to do nothing but talk when it should the primary line of defense protecting the Constitution and our freedom. 

------The President will continue issuing executive orders and federal regulations that have the force of law even though the Constitution gives the President the power to enforce the laws, not make them.

----The Supreme Court will continue to make rulings that supersede the Constitution and federal law, rather than interpreting them.  Think about the flaws in the Affordable Care Act that should have been corrected by Congress rather than by the Court. 

All these things point to the fact that we are becoming a nation ruled by a powerful, political elite, and not by laws enacted with our consent through our representatives.

You might agree with some of the outcomes, but beware.  There are ways to work toward the changes you want within the Constitution.  To ignore this is to put all our freedoms at risk.

If all we do is vote for the man or woman who promises to do what benefits us monetarily or who supports our particular issue, we are part of the problem.  Our votes should always with an eye to protecting our liberty and that of the next generation. 

The American people are the only check on government power.  We must be informed voters and hold our representatives accountable to following the Constitution. Get involved and get educated.  Do your part to protect our freedom.

To make America good again, will you unite behind the big idea that we are a nation governed by laws, not men?   Here is the Constitution with the Bill of Rights and All Amendments:


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