Thursday, November 10, 2016

Making America Good Again: Humility and Hope

Donald Trump's election as president has rocked the nation and the world.  His detractors are dismayed and fearful; his supporters surprised and relieved.  As the reality of the election results sink in - what do we do now?  

Humility and hope should guide us in the days ahead.

Get humble.  None of us should think we are better than anybody else.  Let's change our conversations to emphasize what we have in common rather than what we don't.  I'm praying that Americans will take a deep breath, take a step back and look past our differences to find the good in each other.  As I said before, don't seek revenge or hold grudges, but love each other.

I'm grateful a tone of healing and reconciliation filled my Facebook newsfeed.  Most of my friends offered prayers and messages of congratulations to the winners and condolences to the losers.  There were a few snarky posts but I know that grief must have an outlet.  Let's forgive each other for angry words in this emotionally-charged atmosphere.

The riots we see, however, should bother everyone.  I want to believe that an honest uprising of frustrated voters is being violently manipulated by those who do not love America. Let's pray that the protesting will cease and the fears many have will be quickly put to rest.

Get hopeful.  Americans need to to reach deep and find that optimism which is a hallmark of the American character.  We can choose to expect a positive outcome from this election and not assume this change in our leadership will have negative consequences.   As Hillary Clinton said in her concession speech, "We owe him [Trump] an open mind and a chance to lead."

Donald Trump's acceptance speech was humble, gracious and conciliatory.  I'll take him at his word that he loves America and wants the best for all Americans.

Hillary Clinton's concession was also humble, gracious and compassionate, especially towards those who worked so hard for her election.  I'll take her at her word that she will work with Trump on behalf of America.

Barack Obama's statements acknowledged the strength of America lies in our ability to have a peaceful transition of power between political adversaries.   I'll take him at his word that he will do all in his power to make that happen.

Paul Ryan, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others on both sides of the aisle have all promised to work with our new president while being true to their convictions.

The words and demeanor of our leadership should give hope to Americans and the world.  This is not to say the road ahead is easy; we still have deep and important disagreements.  But if we all humble ourselves, seek common ground and the good in each other, there is hope that the blessings of liberty will be secured for future generations.

In your life, adopt an attitude of humility and hope.  It will go along way to Making America Good Again.

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