Sunday, February 5, 2017

Making America Good Again: Valuable Things

Over the past week, I observed important, precious and valuable things happening around me. Babies were born. Birthdays happened.  People died. Children and puppies did really cute things. Students got scholarships.  Music-lovers went to concerts.  People got new jobs. Vacations looked like fun. Friends asked for prayer and offered it in return.  I got my first hand-written note from my 7-year old great-niece.  I saw the Budweiser Clydesdales up close with family and thousands of my neighbors.  No protests, no anger.  Normal days in the lives of everyday Americans.

Today is the Super Bowl.  While not a sports fan, this is usually the one game I watch each year.  I hope those of you who love football will enjoy the fun and food, but I just can't do it this year.   Reports are that the half-time show and commercials, the stuff I usually looked forward too, are going to be overtly political.  Both pro-Trump and anti-Trump folks may have their say, but this is not the venue for that.  This is not the place for protests and political speech, but a place for Americans to show how we can actually get along.    Sure, you can be a die-hard Patriots fan or a hopeful Falcons follower,  but at the end of the day, one team will win, one will lose and, as in year's past, everyone will start preparing for next year.  True fans support the rules of the game and appreciate the hard work and effort of the opposing sides.  My prayer is that by next year the Super Bowl will be a normal day in the life of everyday America and the commercials can really  be about cars, junk food, puppies and Clydesdales.  But I doubt it will.

The issues that divide Americans are deep.  They have been coming for a long time and in the days ahead the battle for the soul of America will continue.  We can't even agree on "the rules of the game" anymore.  Once the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were the only guides we needed, but today even basic principles like free speech and the separation of powers are being challenged.  The fight for the future of America will be fierce and not over quickly.

Enjoy the Super Bowl my friends.  Maybe if you mute the commercials and skip the half-time show you'll be able to enjoy the game.

And tomorrow, as you get your, hopefully real, news and see what's going on around you, think about what is truly valuable about America and decide what role you will play in Making America Good Again.  What will you do to protect the valuable blessings of God - equality, life, liberty, and the chance to pursue your dreams  - for Americans today and for the years to come?

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